The Keto Diet can be a challenge, even for the most devoted practitioners, but with barbeques and vacations, the summer months can make it hard to stick to your diet.

Fortunately, you can take steps to limit the impact summertime fun can have on your waistline–and your eating regimen.

With these three tips on maintaining the Keto Diet during summer vacation, you can help yourself enjoy the summer months without having to sacrifice your dieting success. 

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1) Alcoholic Alternatives

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For some people, staying on the Keto Diet during the summer isn’t achieved by watching what they eat, it’s by watching what they drink.

Many pre-mixed alcoholic drinks and cocktails loaded with sugar (and therefore high in carbohydrates) are not a ketogenic food option.

Also, beer can also be high in carbs and sugar (the darker the beer, the higher the carbs in the drink). Fortunately, Keto Diet practitioners have options when it comes to enjoying alcoholic beverages.

If you prefer to drink beer, many of the prominent brands now provide “low-carb” options in addition to their traditional offerings.

Be sure that the amount of beer you’re drinking fits into your daily diet targets; if you drink too many, the carbs will still add up.

Alternatively, some Keto dieters choose to drink diet soda or flavored water, mixed with their favorite hard alcohol (many of which are carb-free, although not necessarily low-calorie).

Check your favorite liquor before drinking, and when you’re confident that it is carb-free, mix it with your favorite sugar-free beverage for a tasty drink that may fit within your diet plan.

2) Incorporate Outdoor Activities Into Your Vacation Routine

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It might seem obvious that a good way to keep your Keto Diet on track is by working exercise into your vacation plans, but many people want to relax during their time off, which means people often sit around the house, watch TV, and snack because they are bored.

Instead of binging on television shows, why not organize outings instead? Depending on where you live, you might be able to go for a daily walk or hike in nearby parks.

Some people with children might enjoy going to water parks or public pools, which will help everyone get some exercise and cool off at the same time.

If you plan to go away for your vacation, choose destinations that incorporate exercise as options, instead of locations where people generally end up sitting on the beach or being inactive.

Many vacation hot-spots have great walking tours or other exercise-centered attractions.

Take the opportunity to book somewhere beautiful and a place where eating isn’t the focus of the vacation.

Eating healthy and exercising are critical to success at any Keto Diet plan, so keep moving and don’t let your vacation be an excuse to cheat on your diet.

Want To Try The Keto Diet But Don’t Know Where To Start? Get Your Fully Customised Keto Meal Plan Here

3) Pack Your Food

Keto Meal Prep

If you are traveling locally or plan on going to barbecues or other summer events, a great way to keep on practicing the Keto Diet is by packing the food you’re going to eat.

Most cookouts provide some suitable meat options, but with carb-filled sides like potato and pasta salad, the temptation to eat poorly is there.

Instead, bring your own low-carb sides (like roasted cauliflower mash, steamed vegetables or vegetables that you can throw on the grill) and your own, low-carb dessert options.

If you have delicious food options readily available, choosing the right foods is much more comfortable.

Keep yourself on the Keto Diet by making sure that you come prepared to eat, instead of slipping back into old, carb-heavy eating patterns. 

You should consult with your doctor before starting the Keto Diet to ensure that this eating regimen is right for your health needs.

While the summer months may contribute to dieting failure for some, with these three tips on maintaining the Keto Diet during summer vacation, you can keep yourself on track for success.

With some planning and creativity, the Keto Diet can work during the challenging summer months as long as you remember to think in the long-term.

Dieting success isn’t always quick, and it often comes as a result of making smart decisions about food and exercise. So keep making those healthy choices and keep at your Keto Diet plan. 

Want To Try The Keto Diet But Don’t Know Where To Start? Get Your Fully Customised Keto Meal Plan Here