30 03, 2020

Radish & Cauliflower Hash Brown with Bacon

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If you miss eating potatoes in the morning, then this hash brown alternative is a great choice. Made with healthy ingredients such as radish and cauliflower, this will surely make your breakfast much more exciting. Pair it with bacon and you're good to go! A nice way to start your morning is through this Radish & Cauliflower Hash Brown with Bacon. I'm pretty sure most of you always pair bacon with an egg. Well, that's what we got used to anyway, and why not, right? They both go well together. However, [...]

26 03, 2020

Keto Breakfast Crepe

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Something you'll look forward to every morning is this Keto Breakfast Crepe. It uses egg as the base filled with bacon, alfalfa sprouts, and cream cheese. Wrap like a burrito for a perfect grab-and-go meal. This recipe is one of the easiest and tastiest egg recipes you'll have. The nice thing about this kind of meal is that you have the option to incorporate your favorite keto-friendly ingredients. Very easy to stuff on different fillings. It's like you're having your classic egg and bacon breakfast, but with a twist! Aside from [...]

21 03, 2020

Keto Microwave Shakshuka

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This meat-free dish, Keto Microwave Shakshuka, is a good option when you want to rest from eating meats for a while. The vegetables, eggs, and herbs make a great combination. It's an easy recipe requiring no cooking expertise because you heat it in a microwave instead of a stove. The ingredients aren't hard to find as well because almost all are spices aside from eggs and fresh tomatoes. You just mix everything, put in the microwave and voila, it's ready for consumption! Shakshuka can be eaten at any time of the [...]

19 03, 2020

Keto Smoked Salmon Scramble

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Keto Smoked Salmon Scramble recipe is a lifesaver when you're in a hurry to prepare your morning meal. An easy meal without sacrificing the taste! We all know that scrambled eggs alone can be dull on their own. That's why gone are the days when you make your eggs just plain scramble. Most of the recipes now incorporate vegetables or meats or seafood with the eggs to make it more appetizing and exciting to consume. On this particular recipe, we've added smoked salmon, plus heavy cream, butter, and scallions. These ingredients [...]

18 03, 2020

High-Protein Keto Breakfast Porridge

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so we should ensure we are having enough healthy meals that would last throughout the morning. A perfect recipe to warm you up is this High-Protein Keto Breakfast Porridge. Who would've thought with just 4 ingredients, you can actually have a good meal? While it's true that you shouldn't consume oats or any grains while on a keto diet, this recipe offers a different approach. It's an alternative to the usual oatmeal that we're used to eating during breakfast because all of [...]

13 03, 2020

Keto Cottage Cheese Breakfast Salad

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Looking for a unique and refreshing salad? Keto Cottage Cheese Breakfast Salad is the answer! It is bursting with cheese flavors you will surely love! This salad will keep you full and satisfied, and yet you only need 10 minutes to make it. The combination of cottage and feta cheese makes all the difference. Plus, the mortadella gives this salad a special flavor. Cottage cheese is a keto-friendly ingredient that has loads of nutritional benefits like high in fats and protein, a good source of calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin B12, [...]

9 03, 2020

Quick Keto Thin Pancakes

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These beautifully made Quick Keto Thin Pancakes are perfect as a morning meal. It's very convenient as you can prepare the batter in the evening and cook the pancakes when you wake up. Pancakes are one of the most popular and easy to make breakfasts. It requires minimal ingredients with little effort on the preparation. There are a lot of options as well on the toppings such as fruits, butter, whipped cream, etc. You can even partner it with bacon and eggs. The winning breakfast trio! Your call on what you'd [...]

7 03, 2020

Keto Mushroom Omelet

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When we speak of breakfast, omelets are one of the first few that pops into our minds. Among the popular choices is Keto Mushroom Omelet. Mushrooms are probably one of the most versatile of all ingredients. It can be added to any recipe because the flavors are rich and meaty. For this dish, mushrooms are added as the base filling for the omelet. It is simple but scrumptious and it was made even better with cheese. With just 5 ingredients, imagine you can already have a healthy breakfast already. Another best [...]

5 03, 2020

Easy Keto Granola

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Power up your morning with this healthy Easy Keto Granola. It's a combination of different seeds and nuts that contains essential nutrients and vitamins. You can prepare this ahead of time and store it in an airtight container. The process is pretty easy as you only need to combine everything and heat it up for a couple of minutes. It contains wholesome seeds and you have the option to add some yogurt or almond milk, whichever you prefer. But of course, it will add a few calories it in. Better to [...]

3 03, 2020

Keto Bacon and Cheese Roll-Up

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Start your morning with this burrito-like Keto Bacon and Cheese Roll-Up. What's more mouthwatering than the combined egg, bacon and cheese? These three ingredients are one of the most common if not the most staple breakfast item. The said ingredients are very versatile and there are endless recipes you can create using these. It's one of the simple recipes but also one of the best you can serve. Since morning is usually the busiest time of the day, we have limited time to prepare breakfast. So this is another great addition [...]